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La'Tanya Campbell, MS, LPC-IT

La’Tanya Campbell is a mental health therapist, mentor, consultant, and advocate.

She has been inspiring, empowering, and motivating individuals and communities for over 15 years. As a facilitator, she uses a strength-based approach to create individual and organizational change.


LPRC Diversity Consulting Services will educate, empower, and engage local organizations that employ or provide supportive services to traditionally marginalized groups on diversity and systemic racism.


 LPRC Diversity Consulting Services will eradicate systemic racism and discrimination of people of color and inspire champions of diversity that recognize and accept the responsibility or practicing cultural competency and humility.


LPRC Diversity Consulting Services aims to encourage, engage, and educate local organizations on issues of diversity and systemic racism so that they can provide culturally competent services to those they serve and are equitable in their hiring, retaining, and promoting practices.

“You will find proven knowledge, experience, and passion in LPRC Diversity Consulting Services, LLC. La’Tanya is insightful and through her teachings helps others understand the benefits of diversity and inclusion in all environments. La’Tanya also has a strong desire to create gender equality. She not only teaches, La’Tanya lives her beliefs!”

– Jonette Arms

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