Across the United States, and in the Wausau area specifically, communities are eager to bring positive structural change to their workplaces, local organizations, representative bodies, and into their neighborhoods more broadly. 

Read some quotes from the Wausau community below:

“True diversity and inclusion efforts are not accomplished but flags food and fun. The efforts can not live in a single department or person. To become an inclusive organization each employee must learn and engage. It needs to be developed in and throughout and come alive in your budget, your board, your practices and policies. It’s a worthy investment and leads to less turn over, more innovation and a broader reach.”

  – Gwen Taylor

“I wish my job didn’t point out that I am black. Sometimes it makes me feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. They would say that I am ghetto and I address it, then they try to prove to me that they are not racist. Honestly, I feel they hire black people because they have to. Or that it makes them look better. There is someone at my workplace that I cannot approach because I know he does not like black people. Sometimes they make me question myself as to ‘why am I black?'”

– Tasha Prevent

“It requires culture change, which can only be accomplished by investment and support from the top. Train leaders to be more inclusive and hold them accountable when they aren’t; review policies for accidental exclusion; require unconscious bias and micro aggression training; mentor people of color; and be committed to the long term to keep it sustainable.”

  – Antonina Olszewski

“Diversity in leadership roles and less in manual labor. Coaching vs. Punitive.”

  – Mary Thao

“A lack of diversity in leadership positions can hinder innovation and an organization’s ability to form connections with customers and other companies. It can also hinder revenue.”

  – Alicia Cannon

“I would like my board to know that their acknowledgement of and leadership around the issue is extremely vital.”

  – Jonette Arms

“My employer is pretty inclusive. I just wish that we had more black folk working at my store (there three of us). One thing that I do want to see is pronoun usage. By this I wish that employers and employees would stop using pronouns or gendered talk. Example: A group of people are entering a restaurant and then a member of the staff says “how are you guys doing tonight?”. Example 2: I leave my phone at a place and an employee finds it and hands it back and says “here you go sir”- because all they see is my face and voice. I know that it’s nitpicky but sometimes gendered dialogue even if it is unintentional can be triggering for some people and can leave a bad feeling in a person’s mind.”

  – Mika Jenkins

“Equal pay and more minorities in management, no discrimination based on skin color …..more diversity programs to help our community…..judge on characters not perception. And just because we say black lives matter doesn’t mean forget every other race….. but acknowledge that there is a real problem here… lie women lie numbers don’t.”

  – Ryan Steed

“Acceptance and Respect. It’s a fundamental value that contributes among workers and employees.  – Language and communication – Accommodation of beliefs – Gender Equality”

– C’dwayne Anthony

“Using education (not only mainstream but cultural intelligence (CQ), leadership training, critical thinking, networking, and know “social change theory” as basics and develop as a community.”

– Cleveland Doxtater

Bring Change to Your Organization

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