Partner with local businesses and organizations to provide diversity, equity, and inclusion consultation and training; consisting of interactive workshops, coaching, and facilitated conversations to enhance workplace culture and improve support for traditionally marginalized communities.


Review the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas of opportunity through a multicultural lens. Perform an organizational analysis to evaluate implicit and institutional biases. LPRC Diversity Consulting Services will build a relationship to increase business competency in areas of diversity.


  1. Construct a healthy and diverse workplace culture
  2. Achieve positive relationships 
  3. Strengthen the community 

Racial inequities within systems are not new; they have been shaped and modified to withstand social change. Inequities manifest into disparities and will not dissolve on their own. We must be proactive, aware, intentional, and transparent in eradicating these systems.

“It has been my good fortune to know La’Tanya personally and professionally. She has been and is an important part of the North Central Wisconsin community.  Professionally, educationally, and personally she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from working with individuals and organizations. With the founding of LPRC Diversity Consulting Services, LLC La’Tanya is creating the next level in her life to educate, inform, and truly help organizations grow in these dynamic times, which challenge the commitment to diversity.”

– Darryl Mayfield

What Does a Consultation Look Like?

Program Scope: Recognizing that all businesses are unique, LPRC Diversity Consulting Services works with the organization to find the right method to increase organizational awareness, knowledge, understanding to eliminate systems of oppression by consultation, facilitation, and training within their institutions. 

Consultation: A comprehensive review of the business policies, procedures, programs, and strategic plan using a multicultural lens and framework.

Facilitation: Engage in a workplace dialog to discuss difficult conversations surrounding the benefits of community diversity, the impact of institutional racism, and where we go from here. The facilitator will engage employees in a safe small group session to listen, understand, and learn from one another.

Training:  Educate organizations on the dynamics of racism and institutional oppression and how these components manifest within the work culture and support provided to traditionally marginalized groups; by discussing topics such as but not limited to systemic racism, privilege, and allyship.   

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